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LinkedIn Post Challenge: Week #1 – The SEO Expert Shares His Tips for  creative ways to write, create, record or transcribe your content and How To SEO for LinkedIn

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SEO for LinkedIn to Get Found On Google – Week #4

The LinkedIn Post Challenge Continues and We Just Saw The First Results from The First 4 weeks.

Currently one of the keyword phrases that we want people to find our video training for is already being indexed on the first page of YouTube. We saw that it took only 4 weeks to get the initial result and we learned that the competition on Google search is much more stiff than the competition on YouTube for this set of keyword phrases that we are basing our SEO Advertising campaign around.

One of the most interesting things that we found is our very first 3 videos did not rank on YouTube but the fourth one did and by week #4 into the LinkedIn Post Challenge we had the #18 spot on YouTube. However the video was only “2 Days old” at the time of the screen shot. Now 5 days later the video has moved up again from #18 to #10.

We will continue to work towards making the internet a better place and making more content that can help our customers better understand how they can use these same techniques to marketing their business online.

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