How To Do SEO Like A Boss In 3 Simple Steps

Step #1 – Create Content

Step #2 – Do Your Keyword Research and Some Competition Analysis

Step #3 – Publish Your Optimized Content

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That’s the ticket to a fast track way to form great habits for your Search Engine Optimization. Now of course the deeper that you decide to go towards ranking for more and more keyword phrases the more complex the game can become. My best advice if you are new to search engine optimization and looking to learn how to do seo, would be to find a great mentor, or someone that knows what to do that can train you.

Learn How To Do SEO

The next best thing would be get started and pay attention to the process. Build your website content with a plan and a keyword strategy in mind. Every first page ranking is a win so start with the low hanging fruit.

What are Low Hanging Fruit?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the low hanging fruit are the less to not so competitive terms that you can rank for on the first page of Google rather easily following the 3 Step SEO System. The best thing to do when you are first starting out is to identify the broad more short and concise terms and build longer search queries to “Search Engine Optimize Your Website Content.” That is the way to get found online very fast.

SEO Santa Clarita

What If You’re A Local Business?

Well I’m glad that You asked. If You Are A Local Business In Santa Clarita Then You Probably Want To Be Marketing To People In The Cities That Your Business Can Service. Local SEO or what we call GEO Targeted Search Engine Optimization Is A Key Element In Finding Local Customers Near Your Business That Are Searching To BUY LOCALLY.

Where Else Do People Search For Answers, Solutions and Products?

YOUTUBE! That’s right the almighty video website that is stronger than ever and growing at an massive speed. YouTube demands attention if you are a Serial Entrepreneur or Brick-and-Mortar Business Owner. If you’re marketing locally then YouTube is easy pickings for the rankings that you want to have for just about any local niche.

Video Marketing Is The Single Best Way To Train Your Audience, Build Trust and Get Your Message Across.

If you are not using Google Hangouts, Google Plus and YouTube to market your business, then I am afraid that you are leaving money on the table. I want to help you change that with a complementary consultation.

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