Online Marketing – 7 Secrets To Get Found on Google

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7 Secrets To Getting Found on Google

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Better Marketing Mondays – 7 Secrets To Getting Found on Google
Episode: 001

This Live Hangout On Air is Brought To You by SCMG – Santa Clarita Marketing Group.

We believe that SEO Santa Clarita should not have to be difficult and expensive, so I am here to help you apply the mastermind marketing techniques to your business whether you are a brick-and-mortar business owner in Santa Clarita or a Serial Entrepreneur. I can help you succeed at doing local Search Engine Optimization because I am and have been doing SEO for two years in Santa Clarita, CA.

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Google leads the industry in search traffic and that video streaming site… YouTube (also owned by Google) is the #2 most user searched, followed by iTunes in the #3 spot. To do SEO in Santa Clarita for your business is simple. But you have to be willing to systematize the process. I have developed a system that I shared with a close friend of mine named Greg Montoya. Together Greg and I, both coming from different SEO backgrounds and perspectives, we put our best secrets for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) down on paper, and then the outline that we created later became our list for the “product.” It this case it is an information product called The SEO Ninja Secrets “Dojo.”

The SEO Ninja Secrets “Dojo” is a special program where you grow with us.

Meaning as we grow the members area, each week you will be given access to one SEO NINJA SECRETS TRAINING in addition to two Complementary Fast SEO Ninja Tips found on our blog at

WHY Am I Telling you this?

The application is the same even if you are not optimizing for local and instead you are doing SEO for your national brand.

Replace the SEO Ninja Secrets “Dojo” (which was our product) with sun shade umbrellas.

Let’s pretend that I sell umbrella’s and I live in Santa Clarita, CA. Well I guess that my customers could be national or international if I had the logistics down and there was a demand for my product in an international market. Perhaps needs to sell sun shade umbrellas as much as I do here in Santa Clarita.

Amazon is a beast with traffic so I list there. SEO still applies to anywhere even Amazon. It is a site that is indexed and Amazon buys ads for their best products, plus their search is an algorithm just like Google.

It is the words first and the way that it is searched second…

Watch this video from the big “g” and see for yourself where Google Search is headed in 2016 and beyond:

Local SEO Santa Clarita… simply put, it takes 7 Secrets To Get Found On Google:

  • Keyword Research
  • Grouping the Right Terms
  • Writing Content
  • Optimize Your Content
  • SEO Yoast
  • Google Hangouts
  • YouTube

7 Secrets To Getting Found on Google

If you appreciate what you learned and you have a need for a team of experts to do SEO for your business here in Santa Clarita, we would be happy to discuss that with you.

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