Why Are They Called Gen Z?


In my mind this “gen Z” terminology that was used to describe the 25 – 5 year old people in the world (especially America) is all wrong. The proper term…

AND, you heard it hear first… Before anyone else said it!

The proper term should be “Gen i.”

As a marketer it is super important to really understand who you are marketing to. You have to give them a name and an identity. It seems like whomever decided that Gen Z was a good way to describe American Kids that are ages 25 – 5 clearly didn’t examine who they are.

Gen Z to me is nothing more than the generation after Y, which had followed my generation, Gen X.

Gen i on the other hand says exactly who they are as a persona or avatar.

1. Gen i… They grew up on every i Product out on the market since 2001.

2. Gen i… Their personalities indicate that it is all about them, they generally have a huge sense of entitlement and the generation as a whole seems to be lacking commitment to working really hard to earn it.

I met a 19 year old guy last night that has been making over $6,500 per month since he was 17. He drives a Cadillac CTS and the reason that I know that is because he was explaining the best way to handle owning a car is a pre-paid lease. He told me that he walked into the dealership and paid $10K cash for a 3 year lease.

What was remarkable (and no… he doesn’t sell drugs) was that he had taken for granted what he knows and does to make a living. He was overlooking all the value that a story like that can bring to creating an info product.

He was only concerned with a two things, do this as a means to pay for college all cash and then move on.

It was a shock that it never occurred to this young man the power of a story like that.

3. Gen i is more concerned with doing good for others and looking out for those coming behind them than they are with their own safety and gratitude.

This man is no fool with his money and yet at the age of 19 he was the first in line to offer a helping hand to someone that he knows that needed financial help buying a car. Gen i’s are in it for themselves but want to be abundant and appreciate the idea of helping others and making the world a better place.

Don’t believe me? What is it that makes Tom’s Shoes so successful? How come nearly every successful Gen i is out starting a non-profit or building a school or home shelters for kids around the world. Why is it that there are so many kickstarter campaigns for helping people, solving problems and giving back?

Because Gen i’s care. They care about people, fellow man and woman and they care about the environment. Why else would they be the most supportive generation of gay and lesbian rights? Because they care!

Watch the Coke Share a Coke Happiness Project:

Still don’t believe me? Go watch The Hunger Games. That film just shows how much #3 means to Gen i.

genz-age-12-19-year-olds-gen-iSwing and a Miss on the Name Gen Z

In closing, I am no critic, but IF YOU’RE going to take a crack at naming a generation, at least learn a bit about them to give the name an accurate meaning.


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