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Gene Pimentel – Domains To Cash

Gene Pimentel Is the Domain Name Flipper shares How To 10x Your Sales Using JVZoo… In fact he is the Master at Flipping Domain names. He buys them for $2-3 dollars and sells them for hundreds if not thousands of dollars every day. Naturally he is great at what he does because he puts in the time in his business, he is committed and he makes it work for him BECAUSE he works it!

10x Sales Using JVZoo

As most successful marketers do, when we master something or we create a and test a working model, that we use and get results in our business, often we will create courses and info products that teach these same methods and models so that other people can benefit from our, knowledge, sweat, tears, blood and equity investments in the system. It takes lots of in the trenches “time on the saddle” to master being a combat ninja cowboy and Gene Pimentel has done it over and over again!

He not only made one course about buying and selling domain names for a profit, he actually has made three of them over the course of 7 years. Gene Pimentel is the domain flipping expert! HE IS A GENE-ious to say the least when it comes to buying and selling domain names. See for yourself:

We have had him on the show before to teach you that, and you probably should have tuned in LIVE for that one, but today we have a special episode of Better Marketing Mondays for you and it’s about how to sell your Products on JV ZOO!!

Creating Courses To Sell On JVZOO

If you’re like me then you have no doubt made, dabbled and/or have created and launched your own information products and courses successfully. BUT what if you could 10x Your Sales At The Flip of the Switch?

You’d do it… We ALL Would, Right?

In this training you will learn:

  • How To Get Your Product Up On JVZoo
  • Why You Want To Do That
  • 3 Ways To Deliver Massive Value To Your JV’s
  • What Can Happen If You Do Bundle Up Your Product On JV ZOO
  • A Brief Recap of the Domains To Cash Offer
  • AND How You Can Start Flipping Domain Names Like Gene (if that is of interest to you as well)

How To 10x Your Sales Using JVZoo

How To 10x Your Sales Using JVZoo

While we are not focused on buying and selling domain names, Gene Pimentel is and he makes a nice living doing just that. JV Zoo is the cream on top with the cherry for Gene Pimentel. With the right software, membership site and some simple training modules or PDF guides, you can develop an irritable offer that people on JV Zoo want to sell to their list!

Become a member of JV Zoo and look around at what the marketplace has to offer… You never know when you might end up like Gene and have a #1 Best Selling Product on JV Zoo, and remain in the Top Sellers for over 5 days, yielding you thousands of sales. Thousands of Buyers Email Addresses on your list and a lot more money in hand!


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