Amazing Alternatives to Sell Physical Products Online

YOU Deserve To Be Amazing (not… AND, We’re not selling this for $5,000 either!

We have a great show planned for you today and if you want to know:

  • How To Buy Physical Products In-Store
  • Sell Them Online for Profits
  • Without Private Label or Massive Pallets of Inventory


Eleanor Prior is the “Queen of Retail Arbitrage” and has been doing this for years.

What is Retail Arbitrage?

Simply Put: You find items with a demand in the marketplace that you can buy at fair prices to deep discounts and then sell them online for near full price or higher than retail prices on Amazon, Ebay or your Own Shopify store.

Retail Arbitrage How To Be Amazing

Sounds too good to be true? What’s the catch right?

Well the catch is that you need to shop for the right products and you have to be willing to sell them for MUCH, MUCH more than you paid for them already!

PROFITS… I can smell them already.

You need this app for your phone called: ProfitBandit

How to Sell Products On Amazon








How would you like to have a spouse that loves to shop turn your bank account from depleted to profits you never imagined by selling off any products that have a demand in the marketplace?

How well would you or someone that you know do if all they needed was an app on their phone and some spending capital to buy things (cheap) that people are already buying online only you buy them in stores and then sell them on Amazon and Ebay for 3X-10X what you paid for them?

Sounds crazy, I know. BUT it is real and Eleanor Prior has been doing this for sometime. She is the Arbitrage Master! It’s Amazing what You Can Do With A Little Ingenuity and a few simple tricks.

Learn what Eleanor Prior does, how she does it and what you can do to start making PROFITS, buying, selling or bundling your physical products for 3X-10X what you paid for them!

Buy and Sell Online

What are 2 Things That People Should Know When Getting Started?

  1. Walk before you run. Have some people that know what they are doing to help you.
  2. Don’t think that you need to have a bank overflowing with money.

What did you scan it with? Profit Bandit, Inventory Lab w/ Scoutify

  1.  Understand Terms of Service
  2. Get the Profit Bandit App

Tip to avoid suspension: Suspension Prevention by Cynthia Stine

Tell Me and Everyone listing 3 Things NOT TO DO when you start buying products to resell?

  1.  Don’t get emotionally attached to product. Turn it fast.
  2.  Amazon will occasionally take the buy box from you.
  3.  NEVER FEEL GUILTY about selling arbitrage.

5 Steps To Taking Action for Buying and Selling Your Next Physical Product:

  1. Get coaching – Join groups

  2. Make sure you have liability insurance in place

  3. Soak up as much info as you can

  4. Send your first shipment in

  5. Put in the time, the work and don’t quit!

The Selling Family, Eleanor Prior’s coach Jessica Larrew. Some of the great retail Facebook Groups “Thrifting for Profits.” More resources: Amazon FBA for Newbees. Stephen Smotherman “Fulltime FBA.”

Charlene Anderson:

Jim Cockrum:

The Amazing Seller:

Jessica Larrew:

Resources for products wholesale:
Online Marketing Experts That Hold LIVE Events you can attend:
Dr. Ben Adkins: FearlessSocial
Don Wilson: FB Ads Expert
Chris Record: Dark Post Profits
Dennis Becker: Earn1KA Day a.k.a.
Rapid Crush: Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos
Nicole Dean:
Kelly McCausey: SoloSmarts –
Connie Ragen Green:
Debra Conrad:

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