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Show Notes: Domaining Your Way To Profits with Gene Pimentel

Your Ability To Find The Buyer Is Key To Determining If There Is A Market and Who.

Buy only  .com  URLs with Local context, i.e.:


Domaining for Profits
DON’T Register .net or .org

Don’t register more than 2-3 at a time, with a limit of no more than 12-13 and keep the focus solely on making the contacts and communication to continue selling those first.

Find a local market with competition for the profession and research what companies might like to buy the domain, gather that list of prospects and then decide if you are going to pull the trigger for registering the domain name.
5 Action Steps To Add Value To The Domain & Your Situation

When a website is ranked highly in Google that is valuable to the business owner, you can make a nice lease profit from this.

Step 1: Register a good domain name applicable to a local business and find a good local domain name.

Step 2: Build a simple website on the registered domain name.

Step 3: List the website on and

Step 4: Use some YouTube videos to add value to the site for each page of content that you create for it.

Step 5: Use the basic optimization and SEO techniques that we taught in the Google SEO Training Series for WordPress to get your new web property to rank on the first page of the best search engines.

Keep in mind that Domain Leasing is a different approach then buying domain names to sell. Businesses in the local area competing with like businesses around them (no matter the size of the community) cannot do as good a job as you can to market their website online (in most cases) because they often have no access to the training that you have here on this post!

Gene says:
– Businesses will pay $200 per month to get those leads
– Rank properties (meaning domain names) and if they are profitable you may opt not to sell them and generate an income that is recurring because you own and maintain the website or web property. Just realize whether you lease or sell it still comes down to the “peak their interest” approach to contact the prospective buyers/leasee and it would be the same buyer that likely wants to be leasing leads.

Who are they? They are  the business owner and they are very busy. They have little time for emails. Peak their interest in a brief email and don’t tell them too much upfront.

5 Steps To Selling Domain Names

1. Find The Market.
2. Are there several competing businesses in the local business niche.

Great Niche Ideas To Explore:
– Roofers
– Dentists
– Niches among Lawyers or Attorneys
– Construction or Contractors & Specific Types of Contractors
– Anything with heavy local competition where you can easily reach the small business owner

3. Use for listing your site to sell, it adds credibility. Also list your websites on
4. Contact the companies locally that would prospectively buy the domain, and also let them know you are offering their competitors: Make the initial contact the “curiosity builder” message don’t tell them too much.
5. will manage the payments for you securely.

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