Better Twitter Automation Tips – Put Twitter on Automation

Survey Says “Twitter Automation.” In a recent poll that we are taking on our MeetUp Page: Better Marketing Mondays… We asked people what it is that you want to learn most. It’s never too late to voice your opinion… Take the poll now at

So far the leading choice is Twitter and Twitter Automation!

Twitter Automation

Twitter Automation

Here are 20 Tips, Software’s and Automation Tools That You Can Try To Fast Track Your Skills, Results and Presence on Twitter using Twitter Automation:

Tweriod: This software allows you to identify key times to connect with people and when your tweets as well as your followers tweets reach the most people. I like 9:00am PST and 12:00pm PST, that has always been pretty good to me on social media. Neetzan Zimmerman also finds that on the east coast, just before 9:00am and around 12:00pm tend to be the best times for his posts to go Social Viral.

IFTTT: This social media management hub literally has API connection to every software that you can possibly think of under the sun! I mean every damn thing that you can possibly imagine making an automated post to, If This Then That can do it for you. Have fun, if you have never heard of IFTTT or Hootsuite then where have you been?

Hootsuite: One of the Godfather, Original Gangsta “O.G.” Social Media Automation Tools. Hootsuite brings the automation to your fingertips and they have both a paid as well as a FREE service offering. I like it and I have used it, although I prefer to do social media without automation as much as possible and manually post on my pages. A content curation tool that you can use to find and share newsworthy content hot off the presses.

Twitter Automation Apps

Buffer App: Claiming “A Better Way To Share Social Media” Buffer App, though late to the party in comparison to Hootuite and IFTTT provides a simple solution for social media management and automation by allowing you to post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Twitter Automation Apps

Tweepi: While not compliant with the Terms of Service on Twitter, this automation tool allows you to unfollow and follow masses of people on Twitter at the click of a button. In fact you can identify an influencer in your industry and copy their @handle into Tweepi and then follow and unfollow all of their fans. This tool is not TOS compliant with Twitter because they are not looking for you to follow and unfollow large amounts of people every day, however if you are interested in Twitter automation, this tool has been known to help people I know grow from zero followers to over 30,000 very fast and easily. Use it at your own risk!

Socedo: This automation Lead Gen tool is designed to send follow-up Direct Messages on Twitter that will lead to more prospects and sales in your business, fully automated and made for Twitter.

Reach7: UK based Reach7 has taken an attempt to help you do more on Social Media with less time.

Simply Cast: One of the not so massive CRM softwares, this one is a very clean layout and it’s great for an established business looking to automate the customer relationships they build socially.

TweetDeck: A Twitter Dashboard similar to Hootsuite’s layout, TweetDeck allows you the ability to organize feeds of content and manage all of the elements of your Twitter fast and easy from one central location. Yet another tool that Guy Kawasaki uses to curate content on a regular basis for his social network posts. The creator of turns to many places to find valuable content his audience will like and share.

SocialOomph: Boost your social automation process for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS Feeds, Plurk and Schedule updates, find quality people to follow and monitor social media activity with

StatusBrew: One of our loyal fans/followers on Tracy (@TBassNC) was tuned into our Blab on Friday night and she mentioned that she likes using Status Brew… Status Brew allows you to find out who follows and unfollows you on Twitter and Instagram. It also helps you grow & organize a community on both sites. Using Status Brew you can automate your posts, connect with others, plus view analytics and insights on Twitter.

Twitter Automation Using RSS Feed

Twitter Automation Using RSS Feeds

TwitterFeed: This software allows you to publish blog posts that use an RSS Feed to auto-post your publications onto Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Auto-publish your way to more followers and more engagement.

CoTweet: Probably the single most expensive and robust customer relationship management software for your business in regards to Twitter. This is ideal for a large company that needs multiple staff members to manage and engage on Twitter.

Triberr: Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Social Media Examiner and other Leading Influencers and top ranking bloggers turn to using Triberr to share their recently published articles among friends and get more traffic to their website. Curate your tweets using Triberr. Once new visitors are on your blog get them to Tweet the article using TweetDis.

TweetDisTweet Dis Twitter Automation Sharing: This is a WordPress Plugin that reminds people to “Tweet Dis” article and it is popular among bloggers and influencers that rock with traffic. By using TweetDis you can prompt readers to tweet your articles. See for yourself if Tweet Dis is right for you click here to purchase Tweet Dis

Dripper: @GetDripper is an automation tool that allows you to create a follow-up sequence for Twitter Direct Messages after someone follows you on Twitter.