Blab-A-Day Challenge: Episode3 – Twitter Automation Tools

Blabbing away… This time we are discussing Twitter Automation Tools, to help you free up sometime and for those that are just curious what kinds of tools are out their for social media management, specifically for Twitter. It’s not just about Twitter… We discuss everything under the sun for auto-posting, direct message software’s, follow/unfollow methods and content curation tools for building an active presence using Twitter Automation!

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Twitter Automation Tools

In this episode we discuss Twitter Automation Tools.

Not that I like to use them, in-fact I prefer to do it real time, as an actual person that is present in the moment. For me the idea of running automation can be of assistance to your presence on social media, but it isn’t the best strategy for the only presence you have.

Gone are the days of Hootsuite being your go-to full time solution, and that goes for many of the other automation tools for Twitter as well.

You may be asking why I created this post at all?

Two reasons… #1 I asked my list to vote for what they wanted to learn more about at and the top choice at the time was Twitter and Twitter Automation.

#2 I am sure that some of you are so busy with other things that you would rather have some presence on Twitter, even if that means a “mostly” to “almost always” automated one. That’s fine. There are many tools out there for Twitter Automation and one may be better than another as per your needs, wants and desires.

So we found 21 tools to discuss! Check it out here >> Twitter Automation Tools <<

In fact… When we completed the first day of research to assemble the first 21 Twitter Automation tools we came across many more along the discussion with some of our fans on Blab. So here is access to Even More Twitter Automation Tools for you to review and play with. Have fun and remember, nothing beats a real time presence. Do it!!

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