Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Blab

How To Use Blab effectively in your business!!

Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Blab

We’re on BLAB to show you that video live streaming can be easy and you to can create a loyal audience of raving fans using the best video community driven platform on the Planet! Blab.im comes from the birth a a failed mobile app called Bebo. Blab was originally designed for the millennials as a way for them to hangout and chat. BUT, they don’t have any desire to do that because millennials want the ability to broadcast like rock stars and their friends want the ability to consume that content on their own time. They have no desire to be in a live streaming community setting, BUT that’s okay because the Marketers have adopted this platform and are making Blab.im into something great that is far easier for users to jump all in with and broadcast, watch or live stream from and as of now it’s still free! The best part about blab is that there is no barrier of entry and anyone can do it, so don’t wait another minute… Jump right in and learn everything that you need to know about BLAB!

This is Episode 55 In The Blab-A-Day Challenge!
Guests: Suzette Bailey & Craig Thomler

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How To Use Blab.im

7 Things That I Love About Blab:

  1. It Is Easy For The Audience To Get On and Engage
  2. It Is A Live Stream Platform That Is Community Driven
  3. Blab Sends You The Recordings in MP3 and MP4 Files for Podcasting
  4. With Zero Reach You Can Still Blab and Build A Tribe
  5. You Can Follow People That Come On Your Shows
  6. Blab Does Your Email Marketing For You
  7. You Can Pre-schedule Your Blab Episodes Easily Unlike Hangouts

Our guests on the Blab today are Suzette Bailey and Craig Thomler. Craig has been using the web and digital technology for over 20 years and he loves to test all the platforms out to figure out which ones work best for what types of business and why. Suzette comes from a different space, the “tech space” working with very large organizations and government agencies implementing software and hardware systems in the organizations that can help them grow. As a techie she finds the crossover to marketing a simple transition.

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Some of the questions that our listeners had asked during the show:

What is something you think everyone should know about blab?

What’s the best way to drive traffic from blab to your site?

How do you decide what to blab about?

Can You Pre-Schedule A Blab?

Do you find scheduled blabs work better than impromptu?

After you’ve scheduled a blab does it generate a sharable link for other platforms?

Is there a peak blab time for specific types of audiences, or a peak blab time in general?

What are some ways that viewers can share the blabs?

Download the answers at MasterBlab.com (Coming Soon)

Any advice on images for your own scheduled blab? I see the standard is 1000px x 1000px, but the actual show’s archive are just a narrow strip of that. Do you know the thumbnail replay dimensions I should use? Yes we do! Check The Resources Link At The Bottom Of This Page!!

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Where Can I Get That BLAB Checklist That You Promised? smplanner.com/onlinerepblueprint

Other Tools To Make Art for Social Media: Canva.com or RelayThat.com

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Watch the Blab Here:

 How To Use Blab



Resources from the show:

Download the Blab Channel Art Template FREE: click here

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Remember iSTART:

i: Identify – The platform, the audience and the topic

S: Start & Share – Push Start Broadcast or Record and then Share Your Information

T: Tell The Key Points

A: Awareness Of Your Audience (Hangout Where They Do, Acknowledge Them, Engage and Stir Dialogue)

R: Really Try – Don’t Go “Half In” Go “ALL IN.”

T: Tackle The Rest Later (It Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect & You Don’t Need To Be The Expert At The Topic or The Platform! “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.” – Alex Mandossian


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