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This Is Day 4 of the Blab A Day Challenge. Here is a quick recap on what we learned so far about Broadcasting Live from

The Blab-A-Day Challenge by @PlanetXEO

Blab-A-Day Challenge – Day 1: We recorded the entire blab and in the replay the audio sounded like a chipmunk in fast forward. We had used the same settings as were used the day before when we were a guest on Push Button Influence with Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher. For some reason our Day Zero blab was fine (both audio and video) but our Day 1 Blab, while the video was fine, the audio recording was terrible. Epic fail on audio. We were using our PC, in Chrome recording both video and audio on the Logitec C920.

Blab-A-Day Challenge – Day 2: We re-recorded Day 1 on Day 2 only to find that we had forgotten to pause the recording before hanging up on blab, and we discovered that blab will not save the recordings if you do not pause recording before you hang up.

Blab-A-Day Challenge – Day 3: Recording worked fine, we presented the same content as Day 1 and 2, only this time it saved because we remembered to pause the recording before hanging up. We used the laptop video camera and mic. Although we did have both the C920 camera and the Yedi Blue mic plugged into the USB ports. Blab was able to recognize that both were there. I did try setting either as the mic. Both were shared and using Chrome both were an option on the dropdown menu for the settings at the beginning of Blab, however when either were selected for use for the mic, neither one had any audio registering. We recorded Day 3 using only the laptop with built in mic and camera for video.

Blab-A-Day Challenge – Day 4: We used the Yedi Blue Mic and the laptop camera things worked fine. We did reach 1,000 props on this episode on Blab by discussing the topics that our audience wanted to know and answering their questions. We initially tried to record Day 4 in Firefox without any mic using only the laptop as we had done on Day 3 but it didn’t work. We copied the live Blab link over into Chrome and plugged in the Yedi and that seemed to work so that our guests could hear, although when the Yedi Blue is plugged in we cannot hear our show guests.

Takeaways That We Learned So Far by Using Blab:

  • If you record on Blab, YOU Must Hit Pause or It Will Not Save
  • If Your Blab & Audio/Video Settings Work, That Doesn’t Mean They Always Will
  • You Can Use The Green Drop Link To Play YouTube Videos Inside Your Blab… However If You Are Recording Blab Will Not Record The Drop Link Videos
  • Blab Has Certainly Removed The Home Page Feed Blab That Brought Spill In Traffic — GONE — Sadness!
  • The “Past Recordings Feature” Does Not Work Well In Firefox Or After The Event Posts To Your Channel
  • You Can Have 4 People Talking On Blab
  • You Can Lock Seats, One Can Be The Host and 3 Can Be Guests
  • You Can Refresh The Blab After It Starts or Restart and Paste The Same Link To Get Back Inside (this helps when you need to adjust audio or video settings)
  • You May need to restart your browser to get things working if you are not getting the audio and video settings
  • Your browser may be requesting to share video cameras or microphones with Blab
  • Your browser may not show the settings choices at the beginning in Firefox and/or either browser may not be showing you the camera icons to adjust permissions
  • When Recording Mode Is On You Can Share Last 30 Seconds Clips with Social Media on Twitter and Facebook
  • Chrome works better than Firefox for Blab
  • Embedded Blabs are Not Responsive and Embed Responsively Has Not Made A Place for Blab Yet
  • If you do successfully record a blab that is saved, Blab will email you both the MP3 and the MP4 files which makes loading them into your podcast feed a breeze… Hello iTunes Here We Come Repurposing!
  • If you pause the recording and hangup before a guest then Blab Cannot Process Your Recording
  • The Way To Recover That Is Embed the Blab, Click Share before it is shared just copy the link and re-open the Blab, Then Un-pause the recording for a few seconds. Then Pause it again, and finally hangup. After 3-5 minutes Blab will process the recording and add it to your channel
  • Try using the most generic tags when starting, not always using what is shown/suggested
  • You don’t need a lot of people to get 1,000 props!

Blab Experts

  • The Green Drop Link “Paste Link Here” Takes YouTube Videos And Plays Them In Blab
  • The / sign button in the corner of the chat allows for many keystrokes
    Blab Experts
  • When using the Yedi Blue, You Cannot Hear Show Guests
  • You Can Switch From A Blab That Began To A New Browser By Copy/Pasting The URL To The Show
  • Blab Channel Art Says 1000px X 1000px but it will crop the art in the replay thumbnail

Join Us On Our Next as we complete the Blab-A-Day Challenge: @PlanetXEO

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