The Cold Hard Truth About “Marketing Your Coaching Business” Online in 2017

“Success is 92.8% Inner Game.” – Christian Mickelsen said that at an event he hosted that I was fortunate enough to attend in early 2017.


If you’re a coach or consultant selling to entrepreneurs get ready for a rocky ride for the next 3-5 years because the market is flooded with people selling B2B to the baby boomers that are trying to make a new career for themselves and take their piece of the market share.

A friend of mine Casey Eberhart has been known for saying “internet marketers ruin everything.”

That statement is so true in the marketplace. In this 4-day work week alone I have had 3 consultations with people that had each spent between $3,000 and $7,500 on coaching programs in the last 3 months and had no results to show for it.

DON’T BE SUCKED INTO THE JOKE… That WITH THE WRONG PERSON HELPING YOU, you may be left without leads or prospects – or – WORSE OFF… No clients!

If you’re a coach or a consultant, a serial entrepreneur, we can help you.

I have been marketing and advertising online since 2011. It was a long road of learning things the hard way and being fortunate enough to have some great mentors. I have learned SEO, WordPress, Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketing, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Copywriting, Email Copy and Online Conversion Psychology.

My journey is only just beginning and yet I am so far from where I began.

Here’s what I know to be true:

Everyone in the marketplace is being taught to sell high ticket, many of whom have no experience and no clue what they are doing. Here’s why it is working for them… They are told (and rightfully so) to “position themselves as an expert.” Here is the reality, if you go from ‘specialist’ to ‘specialist’ and you are first starting out you may run through 15 specialists and spend $25,000 – $75,000 on “coaching” (if you can even call it coaching) to get no where that you expected in the first 2 years.

There is of course no perfect way or “bullet proof” way to grow online and it is a different journey for everyone.

Alex Mandossian says “to become a high end client you must first be a high end client. I do know some people that have bought their way to becoming high end clients and some people that have bought their way to getting high end clients. Whether you buy your way to the top or not, it still requires the work to be done and the delivery to be there on what was sold. I am sad to see so many people spending several thousand dollars at a time for the ‘wrong programs’ and the ‘wrong coaching offers’ at completely the wrong time in their journey.



It’s a fools way of doing business.


If you want to go make or break, then you better be committed. If not, get ready to go looking for a job and remember the world doesn’t owe you anything and that you must be ready to receive new opportunities if we expect them to come our way.

WHY do so many Coaches and Consultants or Experts seem to be undercharging?

Often there is that element of attracting the wrong clients but, that stems from a much deeper issue often found and categorized by the Gurus in the IM space as “inner game issues.”

Do you have any “inner game issues?”



The best part is that I have a strong track record for helping Coaches and Consultants just like you get BETTER results
using my systems to generate new leads in their business, attract the right caliber of clients and get sales
I want to help you…

BUT, only if you are ready.

Let’s set up a call and see how we can help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and Get New Clients!

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