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We are so excited to have you here ready for the 3rd part of a 3 part series with Ed Bernstein the “Paul Revere of Santa Clarita.”

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Ed and his wife Marlene are pillars in the community and they spend so much time networking new business and small business here in Santa Clarita with the right circles of connected influencers among our peers offering B2B and B2C products and services in SCV.

Your chance to learn the Key’s to Circle Marketing, including:

•  Why Not Following-Up Can Cost You Tens of Thousands of $$$ Each Year

•  How To Keep The People You Spend Time Meeting Connected To You Using Card Cam and Nimble

•  How To Make Sure You Find Out Their Preferred Times of Communications and In what Ways They Prefer To Be Reached, i.e. phone, fb messenger, email, text, Skype, etc.

Find out WHY you are leaving MONEY on the table?

How Nimble and Cam Card can help you solve that?

How To Get Facebook To Do Your Bidding with the MIGHTY Notification messages they send…

HINT: You won’t need to buy boost post ads if you engage…

Learning the secrets to being great at Follow-Up starts with SHOWING UP and ASKing the right questions…

DELIVERING Value and bring something to the table.

People don’t want to do business with people that are assholes so let’s be likable and genuine and honest. Give it your best and stay on task.

After you network with people at an even you are often left with a large stack of business cards. The ones you may do nothing with like most of us, will end up in the trash or worse, you might be hoarding them in a drawer in your desk. But WHY?

Why waste the time hoarding cards of people you may never call back anyway… In fact why did you even go to meet them if you were not going to follow-up?

The fact is there is a better way and it starts with Ed’s system for using Card Cam to Scan the cards, And Nimble to manage the contents and when they met last. Card cam scans the business card and imports the user and contact information into your Nimble for you. The next step is to ask the person what their preferred form of being contacted and a best time of day or evening is?

Then just hand them back the card and Nimble will help remind you to follow-up. It’s simple when you learn to network like the master of belly-to-belly networking, Circle Marketing Great, The “Paul Revere” of Santa Clarita… The Maven of Marketing…

Owner of 25Score Card and the co-founder of

Ed Bernstein!


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