How One FREE Video Technology Could Still Be So Heavily Neglected…

What Are You Missing By Not Actively Uploading Video on YouTube?

Damn if people just seem to think that YouTube is old news. Guess what. YouTube is evolving daily so get on board with all that is happening in the video marketing world. You heard it here first people…

“YouTube will always be as big as the top three websites on the planet, and eventually Amazon may also be one that never leaves the top 3 either.”

What are YouTube Companion Ads

We believe that whether you are buying and selling products, creating and selling info products, marketing someone else’s products or selling products and services as a brick-and-mortar business owner here in Santa Clarita (or anywhere for that matter). Believe me when I tell you that YouTube is a power player like you would not believe.

The Power of YouTube Ads – What Types of Ads Can I Buy On YouTube:

True View Ads: Plays before the video that you clicked on starts.

True View ads are the best around when it comes to buying ads on YouTube. The play and communication happening for the video and user engagement as a result of the video is where the power lies when you are buying ads on YouTube. Sometime back in 2012 I told a friend, shortly after we returned from a marketing convention in Las Vegas, that if the YouTube True View Ads allow the skip at the 8 second mark and most people always skip that it would be best if we tested a video with the call to action happening before the video reached the 8 second mark. They were too scared to try, but I am seeing it happen more and more. If you have a well scripted piece that really speaks visually and verbally to the viewer they will often stick around and watch.

Overlay Ads: Small rectangle transparent banner ad that hovers low on the videos as they pay on YouTube.

Overlay ads are not bad at all and in-fact, there is a free overlay ad that YouTube will provide you with a link and a logo. It pops from your left side of the video and it is awesome. There is also all the new iCard placements that came out this summer and those can be placed all over your own video for free as well.

In-Stream Ads: These ads run down the right rail side of the page. Often you will see them on the top two positions.

In-stream ads can be effective. I like to think of these as the Standard Search PPC ad on YouTube. They are on top. With Good Custom Thumbnails and the right targeting for audience and keywords these may prove to drive traffic successfully. Although I would rather be running any other type before worrying about In-stream.

Companion Ads: These are the beautiful 300 px X 250 px banner ad that is found on top of where in-stream ads will populate.

YouTube Ad Types

I love these ads. To me they are a no brainer to have them running on the Display Network targeting the YouTube viewers that you would like to expose to your ads often. Companion ads and True View YouTube Ads all the way!


Tell us in the comments below what you like best about YouTube ads or if you are scared to try them tell us why.

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