How To Podcasting Secrets from Gordon Firemark

Hey There,

I want you to succeed and that is why we do this show. We are not here to sell you every shiny object under the sun. The fact is almost all of them work, but you need to be in the right place in your career or your online marketing journey to implement and use them…

Let me give you an example:

Let’s pretend that you want to make more sales and so you find out about an SEO course or some type of Internet Marketing training for Pay Per Click ads. WHat good will those ads do without:

  • A website
  • A clear understanding who you are marketing to
  • What they are searching for
  • How they prefer to find and consume the information
  • What makes your “widget” different from the rest that already exist

Those are just some of the steps that you must overcome before deciding to advertise or buy a course that teaches you how to advertise. My goal is to help you overcome the obstacles by giving you actionable steps that you can take to get results, and to do it in a way that is SIMPLE for you to understand and implement.

Podcasting may or may not be for you, BUT I do know that the third most used search engine in the world is iTunes. And, I know that if you are considering podcasting it pays to speak with someone that has experience doing so. That’s what we did… Watch The “How To Podcasting” episode of Better Marketing Mondays.

Our guest on is Gordon Firemark and he has been podcasting for 10 years now. Gordon is an attorney by trade and practices Entertainment Law, but he was a very early adopter in podcasting and has carried it on consistently for 10 years. Publishing his podcast on his website and syndicating it to iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Google Play Store…

Watch the replay and get access to the entire podcast resource list that Gordon and I have put together for you.

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