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SEO Santa Clarita CA, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert Anthony Franck shares his secrets for getting found on Google. Any website can do SEO and just about anybody can do SEO if they are taught how. There are three types of SEO as referred to in the industry of Search Engine Optimization and if you are looking to hire an SEO in Santa Clarita then there is quite a bit that you need to watch out for.

We Never Recommend Doing ANY Bad (grey hat or black hat) SEO techniques for your website.

SEO is something that can be done for any website and any niche if you just follow the simple formulas that we teach inside Your website is a selling and information tool that you published online to help people that are searching on Google find:

  • Information
  • Answers
  • Solutions
  • Evidence To Prompt a Buying Decision

The best approach to SEO and the one that Google wants you to take is simply stated as “make the internet a better place.” Your intentions when publishing content, whether it is on your website or off your website should be with the focus and objective to make the internet a better place.

Santa Clarita SEO Services

SEO does not require shady practices, spamming the web or publishing content with ill intent. Very few people and companies that call themselves SEO truly follow the “white hat” SEO techniques that we teach here at Planet XEO. DO NOT get yourself fooled into thinking an SEO service that calls claiming to be the “Google Local Specialist” is in fact anybody from Google! They are not and most importantly they are likely not even well versed in SEO. They know enough to create a clever cold calling strategy that runs on automation but the results can not be expected to be great. Chances are any email that is spamming you about SEO services from overseas or phone calls that you get from SEO people are not going to get you the results that you need.

SEO is an ART. It was taught to me by the smartest SEO person in the nation and his name is not relevant. Just Google Search SEO in Santa Clarita and you will know exactly why he is the SEO expert. He did the work. He published the content “better and more often” than anyone else on the first page of Google.

That is all Google asks of us “to make the internet a better place.”

SEO Santa Clarita CA

SEO Santa Clarita CA

If your business wants to get found in Santa Clarita, hire us to do it for you… Because Chaz Key has moved on and if you can’t hire him then you might as well hire the guy that he passed down all his SEO Training to.

That’s Us Here at Planet XEO. My name is Anthony Franck and I am an SEO in Santa Clarita CA.

You can contact me by phone at 661-373-3176 or send me a message on Facebook.

I have been doing SEO since 2010 and I would love to learn more about your business and together we can determine if SEO is something your website needs and how competitive your niche or industry is.

If you are looking to hire an SEO in Santa Clarita, CA give me a call. 661-373-3176

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