Simon Sinek: A Deeper Look Into Entrepreneurship

Simon Sinek: The creator of the world famous Ted Talk “How Great Leaders Inspired Action” is a humble person and in his words he is ‘only touching the tip of the iceberg.‘ I have been a fan of this talk from the moment that I had finished watching the 18 minute speech the first time. I probably watched it 15 more times since then, many of which were times when I was introducing it to someone else who had not yet heard or seen the signature keynote. It was as if I felt it was my duty to do so. And, it turns out that it was.

Here is a more intimate look at Simon Sinek’s perspective on Entrepreneurship and the road traveled to become successful. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.

Simon Sinek Is A Humble Guy

He says in a recent interview with Steve Olsher at Reinvention Radio that he had been going out for almost three years giving the talk. At the time they were his ideas and “the talk” (him speaking about the WHY first) was being done wherever he was asked to. Mostly his friends apartments and to small audiences sometimes for free and sometimes for a small fee. It was suddenly that after three years he was introduced to his book publisher along his journey and around that time he was also approached by Ted to give the talk.

Humbly Simon Sinek admits that he was terrible at implementation when it came to his work as an entrepreneur and while he had some clients that he was doing marketing for he realized looking back now that working on the implementation of other peoples ideas for someones business was not his why.

Simon Sinek

His why was to continue spreading this idea around the world and most importantly inspire others to spread his idea because he could not do it alone. He knows that if he is to leave a lasting impression on the world, what many would call a legacy that is impacting, his message and his teachings must carry on long after he is gone. Simon Sinek feels that his duty is continue on this miraculous journey that he was given and spread the message to reach as many people as possible. Not because of some “sophisticated marketing strategy” but because that is his why and it is what he was blessed to do.

Please enjoy his signature speech “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and if you are feeling up to watching more check out this replay episode of Reinvention Radio interview with Simon Sinek.

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