Tai Lopez, Imperfect Action and Internet Prophets Live #2015 (Part 2)


In the first half of this post we discussed evolving as an entrepreneur and a couple of the avatars that I noticed in myself during the entrepreneurial evolution that happened on my journey from being a “wantrepreneur” to becoming an Entrepreneur. We talked about taking the leap, I mentioned briefly about when I had moved through that chapter in my life and how New York Times Best Selling Author of “What Is Your What,” Steve Olser received advice to go for it. Because if it doesn’t work out you can always go back to what you were an expert at before you tried.

The moral is: Know Your Why and lead with it. Know Your What and use it to help serve others unequivocally with a clear message and a guiding hand. Find a few good mentors and read more books. Finally take the leap! And, if you already took the leap… Start attending more seminars to speed up your learning curve. As Jim Stengel says “GROW.”

Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps

There are certainly a lot of really great courses and seminars that I myself have purchased, learned from and/or attended over the last 3 and a half years. I have learned a ton and I am a big believer in both attending marketing seminars to network and to learn advanced strategies. Build relationships with people at these events… You’re surrounded by like minded people, most of which are at the same place in their journey as you are, so make the most of it. Seminars are worth every penny. Go!


A really close friend and mentor always says:

“Be thankful that you went to the networking event, the class or the workshop that you really didn’t want to go to… That is where you will meet people that can become your clients or your future partners and sometimes if you’re lucky those people will become your 3rd Party Endorsers.”

Go! Go to at least 2 seminars every year and be sure that you shop for the best value deals that you can.

Some of my recommendations:

Earn 1 K A Day: Super great seminar for anyone that wants to make money online. Lot’s of really smart successful marketers and they are all very accessible.

Internet Profits Live: This event was jam packed with entry level marketers to network with and the line-up of Speakers was HUGE!!!

Internet Marketing Mastery: Mario Brown delivers so many great strategies and his weekend events are a lot of fun. Tons of learning and the tickets are very well priced.

Marketing events are a great place to meet mentors, to build relationships and to learn the advanced strategies that are used by the top level experts in their niches. As you heard Tai Lopez discuss in the video on the last post “take the straightest line direct to your goals.” Seminars are a great way to do that. And, you can get pictures with famous marketing experts that you can leverage for your own credibility with your audience.

I probably attend 2 seminars each year, but in 2015 I may get three in. In between seminars I am often looking to buy one or two of the info-products that interested me based on what I learned and who I met during the seminar. I will give you a few great examples of people that I met and knowledge that I gained by attending some seminars and buying a few products in the last 3 years of my life:

2013: Attended Earn 1K A Day in Las Vegas

At that event I met: Jason Fladlien, Wilson Mattos, Connie Ragen Green, Nicole Dean, Don Wilson, Ben Adkins, David Perdew and Dennis Becker. I also met about two dozen marketers that were on my level. Shortly after attending the event I got home and purchased my first info product from Rapid Crush called “Video Boss.” It came with Multi-cast Marketing as the bonus so I scored an extra product and I was stoked. A few weeks later I purchased Don Wilson’s FB Ads Cracked course from Rapid Crush for $297.

That course, coupled with what I had been learning from Dr. Ben’s webinars, propelled me way past the level I was at as a Facebook Marketer. Huge leaps forward. Things that I may never had learned or things that might have taken several years to discover… All right there in the course and I had finished all the videos in about a week. I was quickly escalating from an SEO guy that knew some WordPress to a great Facebook Marketer that was getting great results and had a fundamental understanding of search and search engines.

All that from 1 seminar and 2 courses. I never even opened Video Boss because Multi-cast Marketing was so good who needed anything else?

Each course had one or more experts and they all became mentors, even the ones that I had not met.

As Tai Lopez says, books can be your mentors as well. Read and learn from the books that you read. Observe and learn from other people’s mistakes so that you won’t have to learn from your own trial and error. A perfect example of that was me listening to Don Wilson’s lecture at E1K2013. Don said “don’t buy ads for more than $5 to start with.” He went on to say that he finally figured this out after spending thousands of dollars running $50 ads, only to find that the $5 ad was out performing the $50 ad by leaps and bounds.

I didn’t need to go home and spend $50 per ad for months before learning that. It just took me being there at the event in attendance and paying attention. As Tai Lopez says “Observe.” Tune in and pay attention. Don’t buy tickets and flake out on attending and don’t buy products that you never plan to open, learn from or use in action. And, for your own sanity… Don’t waste time and money to learn things the hard way. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

Seminars, information products and books. They are all mentor getting philosophies and each one of them will add tremendous value to your life and your goals as a marketer.

Don’t Be Scared To Take Imperfect Action

Marketing Seminar in San Diego CA

Mario Brown is the king of taking imperfect action. Get your thoughts together. Devise a plan. Test your hypothesis and if you start getting results then run with it. He says all the time when I see him “take massive imperfect action.” And, he’s right it works great. Maybe not as wonderful as you may imagine your products looking aesthetically but if you took the time to really think about your target customer and really get to know who they are. “Give them a name and an identity that you know so closely that they are your best friend” – Ben Adkins… That is the first step in creating a product for the consumer. Know who your target consumer is like they are your best friend.

Next write out a list of every single thing that this person would want to know about your topic: weight-loss, aging, dog training, gardening, dating, landscape design, interior design, diy, etc. No matter what the niche and the topic is, write everything that they want to know and decide whether you want to go big to little or little to big.

Big To Little:  Everything That Attorneys Need To Know About Marketing on LinkedIn

Little To Big: 10 Secrets that California Divorce Attorneys Should Know About Getting New Clients

Big To Little: 7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Landscaping Business in Santa Clarita

Little To Big: 9 Ways To Loose Your Chin Fat By Eating Chocolate

Big To Little: 5 Rock Solid Marketing Tips for Your Cupcake Shop Facebook Page

Little To Big: Send Your Wife Flowers To Show Her That You Care

I think that was one of the best Mario Brown tips during his weekend in San Diego 2014 for Internet Marketing Mastery.

Mario continued on teaching that once you determine the topic, who the consumer is and the list of what they want to know more about within your chosen topic, i.e. dating, gardening, attorney marketing on LinkedIn, etc… Once you know that now you can outline the product.

Mark Brown and Internet Marketing Legend Frank Kern at Online Marketing Mastery.

How Mario Brown Outlines His Products

What does a male in the age range of 19-34 want to know about dating?

List them out one by one to determine the free bait offer, the Thank You Page script and the UpSell offer for your funnel.

What a male 19-34 wants to know about dating:

– 25 Conversation Starters
– 7 Ways To Be More Confident Around Women
– 3 Steps To Getting Her To Say Yes to a Date
– 5 Signs That She Is Into You
– 9 Ways To Step Up Your Manscaping
– 11 Ways To Show Your “Girl” Friend that You’d Like To Be More Than Friends
– 6 Things That Women Really Don’t Ever Want You To Say

FREE Bait Offer: Instant Access To 7 Ways to Be More Confident About Women

TY Page: A Video Thank You message that says thank you to the customer, assures them that the 7 Ways To Be More Confident Around Women is on it’s way to their inbox. And then goes on to say “But before you go over there let me tell you a little bit about what they are going to find in the 7 Ways To Be More Confident Around Women.

Go into the transition of briefly reading the 7 bullet points and maybe a sentence of what the 7 topics are about. Then tell them, This 7 Ways To Be More Confident Around Women, is a part of a much bigger, more comprehensive training course that I have created for you called UsGuysDateHotChics.

Remember, that this system is using the teach then sell approach. First we told them the gift is on the way. Then before they see it we take the time to introduce ourselves in the thank you page video and give them a brief overview of what is in the free gift as we describe each of the 7 sections found in our free gift to them… the “7 Ways To Be More Confident Around Women.”

First we teach, then we can sell by introducing the remain 6 modules in the course and making them an offer to buy the entire UsGuysDateHotChics Training Course for a heavily discounted price.

Now proceed with your pitch:

Inside UsGuysDateHotChics we have included the 7 Ways To Be More Confident Around Women, which you already have free access to. But we also wanted you to know about 6 other complete modules that you should have access to if you really want to turn your dating game from lame to fame:

– 25 Conversation Starters
– 3 Steps To Getting Her To Say Yes to a Date
– 5 Signs That She Is Into You
– 9 Ways To Step Up Your Manscaping
– 11 Ways To Show Your “Girl” Friend that You’d Like To Be More Than Friends
– 6 Things Chics Really Don’t Ever Want You To Say

These extra 6 modules will seal the deal on your fate to become the guy that dates the hot chics. It has worked for me and for all my friends in Hollywood. These secrets are not that difficult to master but you need to get access to the entire UsGuysDateHotChics training if you really want to step up your game.

The Upsell: Take advantage of this one Time Offer to purchase UsGuysDateHotChics for 50% off right now by clicking the link below.

That is how you outline an info product for just about any niche that you want.

Even Mario Brown says “read two books on a topic, go attend a few seminars and watch one or two of the best info products on the market and you can become an expert very quickly.” Tai Lopez says read a lot of books, Mario Brown says pick a topic and read two. Either way read more they are your mentors and you can learn from the mistakes illustrated in the reading.

Hopefully this post series “Tai Lopez, Imperfect Action and Internet Prophets Live #2015” was a huge help to you and you are motivated to:

  • Find A Mentor
  • Outline a Product
  • Read A Book
  • Attend a Seminar
  • Buy and Complete an Info Product

I would recommend Tai Lopez 67 Steps. The reason is not because I am an affiliate. In fact I do not get paid nor have I ever met Tai Lopez or attended one of his events. I did purchase the 67 steps and the reason I recommend it is simple. It is the first info product that I have ever purchased (not counting a book) that was not about making money online, but instead it was about becoming a well rounded individual that adopts the principles passed down from the richest and most successful people in the world. Learning from them, live with it, go to bed each day a little smarter and you will become everything that you want to be and more.

Cheers to Your Success,
Anthony “Jason Fladlien Is My Hero” Franck


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