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Steve Olsher, Author, What is Your What

Steve Olsher is the NY Times Best Selling Author of “What is Your What?” and the creator of Internet Prophets Live. His story is one of a long road with some major hits, a few strokes of  luck, lots of drive and ambition and a willingness to have courage & determination to take many risks that ultimately paid off for him in more than one way on his road to building 4 of his multi-million dollar businesses.

Steve Olsher started out as a 19 year old entrepreneur with an idea to start a non-alcoholic Nightclub in his hometown. Having done odd jobs as an employee like stuffing envelopes and pumping gas, even though Steve was new to the nightclub owner mentality he had the entrepreneurial fire inside of him from a very young age, maybe even since he was born? Steve said “it’s in my DNA.” Entrepreneurship ran in his family. His mother was an entrepreneur and so was his grandfather before that.

When it comes to entrepreneurs… We are all at different stages of success.

Growing As An Entrepreneur

There are several stages of growing as an entrepreneur. Much like a neanderthal evolving into the next gen model of the past species.

Consider it as the Entrepreneurial Morph, I say that because whether you’re super successful or just starting out, you can position yourself as the expert at something… But not everything.

The greater majority of self-employed people building online income are struggling for two or more reasons (but that is another blog post entirely); some of them have dreams of making it big but, they may not have discipline, focus or the courage to actually get in there and work their butts off to deserve the rewards they imagine having. Tai Lopez speaks about this in his first of the 67 Steps To Living The Good Life. Mark Cuban calls them “Wantrepreneurs.”

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That was an accurate description of myself in 2009 and I am not saying that here we are now in 2015 “I am perfect.” I am simply making the point that everyone starts somewhere with very little experience and they all learn based on the amount of awareness they have. Some of us are great at finding mentors and others don’t know the value of having them. Nor do they realize the importance of planning to do things… Not just walking through the desert lost or trying with no strategy or end result in mind. That has never been a recipe for success. The average overnight success takes ten years or more. Believe me when I say that I learned the desert lesson the hard way from 2009 – 2012.

Despite the start, some will come out of the fog when a mentor that they ask for advice finally kicks them in the ass and calls them out on their shit. It is like being an alcoholic, right? If you are a struggling entrepreneur then first step to recovery is admitting that you made mistakes and that you finally can own up to the facts:

  • You don’t deserve the right to complain about how good someone else has it
  • You didn’t work hard enough to be where you expected to get
  • You really don’t know your customer
  • No excuse is acceptable
  • You really don’t have a plan
  • You are finally willing to look yourself in the mirror and admit to the realization that you can no longer continue doing things as you do now if you are going to expect to get a different more prosperous result than you have gotten for the past time working like you do

A mentor… A few good books and a conference can help you change that!

Another common avatar of an entrepreneur is what I call the “Seek-Learn-Give” entrepreneur. They are out seeking work experience and mentor-ships or apprenticeships to advance their knowledge and skills at a rapid pace. They are smart and ambitious, looking to give unequivocally to others and expect nothing in return. They need a mentor and inside they do not feel like they are ready to truly make the calculated decisions needed to strike out completely on their own.


This person is far more advanced than the first one we described above. They have evolved from a know-it-all to a conscious learner, a good listener and they are often humble. They observe, but they are also a go-getter. These people rise to the top the fastest when they take the “I’m all in approach” so long as they have outlined the right plan to follow as a blueprint on their path. Think Pat Flynn, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, Tai Lopez, Jason Fladlien, Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Olsher, etc.

And of course the “Seek-Learn-Give” entrepreneur persona is not too far removed from the “wish that I could entrepreneur.” One that is too scared to quit his or her job and take the risk needed to succeed. Want everything that they could have but just aren’t willing to step off the ledge. Again, I lived through this phase. I always knew from the time I was 6 that I would be very successful and an entrepreneur in my life. It took over 30 years to break past all the barriers of inexperience and striving for perfection to realize that I was ready to take the step off the ledge and move on to the next chapter in my life.

The Entrepreneurs that know they have what it takes deep inside, they understand their “What” as Olsher describes in NY Times Best Seller “What Is Your What?” A good entrepreneur also knows exactly “Why” they do what they do, as Simon Sinek stated in his lecture “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and his book “Start With WHY.” Often despite hesitations they lead with it. Many of the “wish I could” entrepreneurs that are so scared of the “what if possibilities” may never see the when and how.

Create a plan, save as much as you can, execute for a profit and take the leap. Mark Cuban often says “you gotta grind.” He’s right. Go out there with a plan and a process, network with people and be relentless in your passions to deliver your “What”… Deliver Value first, everywhere that you can. Be likable. Let your passions shine through and start with your “Why First.” If you’re doubting yourself, prepare, plan, surround yourself with some mentors and then TAKE THE LEAP!

In my case, before quitting my job to strike out on my own as a marketer, I actually went against my mentors advice and quit my job without any income. I jumped all in an it wasn’t the first time I had done that, but it was the first time that I succeeded at swimming. Mostly because all the times I had failed at it before had served as learning lessons for me on how not to do it this time around. On the flip side Steve Olsher’s mentor encouraged the big step into the Nightclub business. He told Steve Olsher “Steve.. I think it is a good idea, and if it doesn’t work out… Well, you can always go back to pumping gas.”

On Aside note: There is something to be said about attending conferences to speed up your rate of learning and we’ll get to that later in the article.

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