The Greatest Viral Content Writer In The History Of Social Viral

How Would You Feel If you Tapped into the Many Variables That Truly Make Content Go Social Viral?

GREAT, right?

Wonderful, because I have many of the elements laid out here for you here!

The Greatest Viral Content Writer In The History Of Social Viral

Social Viral Expert

Viral Content Blogger – Neetzan Zimmerman

As usual in the morning I personally push buttons on Twitter and follow people that are worth following, retweet tweets from their page, like some tweets and even share some of my thoughts. Yesterday I came across this article about Viral Content and the King of Creating Blog Posts that have Social Viral Staying Power. Neetzan Zimmerman was the top writer at Gwaker and in fact he was responsible for more traffic to their website than all the rest of the writers at Gwaker combined. He knew how to identify viral content and repurpose it for their blog. Neetzan Zimmerman was exceptionally great at identifying what topics the articles needed to be about to have social viral staying power and how to write winning headlines that capture people’s attention. Hubspot featured an article about him and they even put together this super awesome slideshare.

What I Learned From A Ted Talk Video While Attending A LIVE TEDX Event

Crazy enough I went to a Live TedX Event at College of The Canyons a few weeks back and to my surprise in between the speakers at TedX there was a point twice where they broke away to show videos of Ted Talks… It wasn’t what I expected and while I was surprised, the surprise was pleasant. The one video was used to segue into a doctor’s speech that discussed his “now proven and mastered” way to remove a very rare brain tumor. But the video shown before that was about Viral Content on YouTube and the 3 Elements that Ken Allocca and the YouTube team had determined exist among all viral videos:

The Fearless Doctor Sponging “PROVEN” Viral Content for Himself

Dr. Ben Adkins is a Facebook Marketing Genius. I first met him in 2012 at Earn 1K A Day Live Seminar in Las Vegas. That was a great event and unfortunately (while it is still a membership course), the LIVE event is a distant memory. Recently Dr. Ben shared his system for what he calls “Authority Sponging” and how to feed off of the many “authority” personalities in your niche. How to repurpose their content legally and use the system to leverage credibility and emails for your list. Ultimately taking content that was already proven by the “guru” in your  industry to have gone viral, repurpose it… Make it your own and distribute it to their audience using Facebook Audience targeting ads.

The system has merit and is one of many things that Dr. Ben is exceptionally good at.

dr ben adkins - authority sponging

Leech Off Of The Success Of Other Viral Content

Social Viral Signals for Viral Content

BuzzSumo Viral Content Search published an article back in December of 2015 talking about how to promote unsexy content for more traffic to your blog. While I would say a best method to use is mirror what Neetzan Zimmerman is doing, there was a tip on this article that is often overlooked by many including myself. Buzzsumo, while it is a mainstream tool and you probably heard of all the many things it can do, one of the cool things that it does is find and identify Viral Articles that are trending on Social Media. I prefer over Buzzsumo but both work, either one is helping you find viral content and repurpose it for yourself, your blog or the social media sites and/or blogs that you manage.

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