More Twitter Automation Tools To Make Life Easy

Just when you thought that we might be done talking about Twitter, We have even more to share:

Social media is easy when you find the tools that work for you to make it SIMPLE, right?

The Social Media Examiner shares some of his favorites with us for this episode of Twitter Automation Tips, Tricks and Hacks, as we expand our list for Twitter Automation.

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Rite Tag: Find the right hashtags for Twitter Twitter management tool, including: manage relationships better, preschedule tweets, FREE Twitter analytics, manage multiple profiles, follow and unfollow people, FASTER, BETTER and Easier

Manage Flitter: Find out which Tweets are the “Power Tweets” with Manage Flitter. Manage Twitter Analytics, unfollow and follow, Search for the best approaches to finding the relevant accounts for you.

Spruce: is the ultimate in Twitter Image makers. Type your text, match it with an image and Tweet it for the world to read.

Tweet Jukebox: Automate your tweets and manage them forever. You can even pick preloaded jukeboxes. Then like an hourglass it turns over and Tweets them all again. Join Today for FREE.

Agorapulse: Manage social media with Agorapulse includes features like a social media inbox, categorize your audiences automatically or manually. Jon Loomer says it’s a”very powerful Facebook management tool with a price point that fits any business size.”

Friends+ME: This allows your Google Plus Posts to Auto-Share To Twitter… Automation and Simple to use.

Zapier: In comparison to many of the other tools listed this tool is very much like an IFTTT (If This Than That) but closer to the identity of Buffer App. It dials into just about anything to make one hub management unique. It dials into Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Evernote, Slack, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Typeform and of course Twitter. It’s a full on CRM and it also connects to Buffer App.

Simply Measured: Make social media analytics a top priority with Simply Measured. It’s easy to manage many accounts across just about any social netowrk. Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter!

iag.ME Recommended some to us as well…

Sprout Social: This social media management software can help you manage long lasting customer relationships, clear account protection an security, seamlessly publish across multiple devices, offers scaleable team management with a flexible software that tracks and measures performance. Currently Sprout Social is offering a 30 Day FREE Trial with solutions, platform analytics and API connections for just about all the major social networks.

Bambu: An extension of the Sprout Social brand, this tool is designed for employee to customer advocacy. Boost awareness, recruit more of the advocates and build up quality leads. This is Twitter’s very own native analytics which I like and find rewarding. No Software needed. It’s free to use anytime and they track everything in groups of 30 days so month-to-month comparisons are simple to see and easy to do. If you’re not growing then you’re dying, why get a CRM? Well maybe only if you have multiple accounts or many employees managing them.

Twitter App: The native Twitter app for IOS or Andriod. Hate signing in from desktop? Need Twitter while you’re on the go? Download it on your smartphone now. AutoUpdate Twitter lists, Add and Remove Users from your lists on Twitter, Share Results, Update Emails and this has a built in point scoring system for Retweets.

TweetBot: for IOS this app People are talking about… Your Brand, Your Competitors, Your Name, Your Industry and if they Tweet about it you should know right? Mention will tell you Lickety-Split.

Chhirp: Audio recorder for your mobile device, this app works for both Android and IOS allowing you to tweet your audio recordings with ease

Twitter Cards: Attach rich photos, videos, audio and the full media experience to every Tweet right from your website using HTML. Drive engagement on Twitter, offer downloads of your Tweets and Measure Your Results on the effectiveness of your Twitter Cards.

Basic Tips for the Not So Automation Inclined… Discover Twitter content on Twitter: Search By Hashtags, Keywords or @Handles, it’s all there for you and it really is my preferred method of using Twitter. Fully Present and Actively engaged. Some of these CRMs sound nice and some are really great, overall there are so many options and most of them fall into one of four categories:

  • Emphasis on Analytics and Data
  • Simple Dashboards/Management To Follow & UnFollow, Automate Tweets and Stay In Tune With Relevant Pages
  • The CRM Systems  Or Apps Really Designed for large companies, mid sized companies ad firms that depend on many employees actively using one or more account
  • Direct Message Automation with some that have auto tweet features

Twitter is made to be used, and sure there are ways to save time and scale, but sometimes the best tools are also the worst enemy, breeding the dragons of laziness, overlooking the details, “skip it” attitudes, DM immediate messages on Twitter after an account has followed you with some crappy predictable canned message and a link the one thing that most of the automation lacks is a human touch. And while the time savers may use these tools some of the time at the end of the day nothing pays off better than being actively engaged on Twitter.

In case you missed the first half of this list of Twitter Automation Tools we got that for you:

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