World’s Leading Mentor for Entrepreneurs – Alex Charfen

World’s Leading Mentor for Entrepreneurship

Alex Charfen has discovered something so remarkable I fell out of my chair when he gave his presentation that day inside a small conference room in San Diego. Big things happen in your life and in your business when you have the opportunity to surround yourself with the right mentors. That’s why I choose to attend the right events, hand selected often because of who is hosting them and what they teach as much as the line-up of speakers.

Alex Charfen - World's Leading MentorThis event was different. I didn’t expect any speakers because there were none announced. After the presentation I was blown away. It was Alex Charfen and it was an amazing presentation that was eye opening to me personally.

I was floored by how much this complete stranger knew about me, especially things that I could never put my finger on or assign a name. These were well studied philosophies that Alex himself was never taught. It took him researching endlessly for characteristics and misdiagnosed personality “disorders” to discover there was a personality type on this planet that wasn’t being served, yet they were the same individuals that change the world each day in massive ways that have affected many generations. These people are known today as “entrepreneurs” and Alex Charfen has discovered “The Entrepreneur Personality Type™.” He has also written a book, but what unlocked the door for me began in that room in San Diego.

The World’s Leading Mentor for Entrepreneurship presented his body of work known as “The Contribution Equation.”

Learn more from Alex Charfen and watch the entire presentation here.

World’s Greatest Mentor for Entrepreneurs

Alex and Cadey Charfen have consulted with the largest companies and organizations in the world, recently seen here at the Pentagon, having also helped the Obama Administration with assistance and advice regarding the housing market crash recovery program. CHARFEN INC. has in fact been rated by Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies at #21 in 2011.

World's Leading Mentor for Entrpreneurs

Alex a very modest person that is about less noise, less pressure and more momentum would probably never mention these accolades, it is not his personality to brag, he is someone that serves. He cares and he knows how to help people.

Year of success as a consultant with contracts from large companies, including: Fuji Digital, SanDisk and Fuji Media in his early 20’s were just the beginning and after Alex took a “breath and exhaled” years later he begin to put his research down on paper and published his book, ( “The Entrepreneur Personality Type™.”

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